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Global Warming

Global warming becomes the topic of discussion in the education world, political world, and public. We know, global warming is happened because the greenhouse effect. Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere, oceans, and land of Earth. Global warming endangers the continuity of life in the Earth. It is one of problems in the world. All of countries have felt the effects of global warming.

The increase of certain gases in the atmosphere can permeate the sun radiation that is bounced back by the Earth so the temperature of Earth rise (global warming). This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect. The certain gases in the atmosphere, including water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane. This gases is obtained from human activities, for examples; industrial activity, transportation and activity that use the fossil fuels.

Global warming brings effects to weather, sea levels, agriculture, animals, plants, and human health. Effects of global warming are:

· The change of weather

· The increase in the temperature

· The liquefaction of ice in the northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere

· The surface layer of the ocean will go up

· Crops and woodlands may also be afflicted by more insects and plant diseases

· Animals and plants will disappear

· More people will get sick or die from heat stress

A life in the Earth will disappear because global warming. We must try to control global warming. Efforts to control global warming are to save the electricity , to reduce the use of vehicles, to plant tree and to use the local products. This is efforts that can reduce the effects of global warming. Be smart to control global warming!!!


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  1. Hey! Where was Al “The Bore” Gore when it snowed in Rio for the first time in 75 years? Was that one of his “Inconvenient truths?”

    Komentar oleh llabesab | Februari 27, 2009 | Balas

  2. Hey, it is a great post..!!!

    Komentar oleh Affanrifaki | Mei 16, 2009 | Balas

  3. hey . . ajari bwt blog dund??

    Komentar oleh heri | Oktober 21, 2009 | Balas

  4. yg buat cntik,,,,blogna menarik lg,,,,,salut n tanks a lot ea

    Komentar oleh danang | Januari 15, 2010 | Balas

  5. your blog

    Komentar oleh afganisme7b | Februari 19, 2010 | Balas

  6. your blog is the best..
    Salam kenal ya!! (
    Btw,tukeran link yuk!
    (bls komennya di blogku oke!)

    Komentar oleh afganisme7b | Februari 19, 2010 | Balas

  7. waw ternyata penyebab global warming sangat berbahaya ya!!!saya tunggu kunjungan balik dari kamu

    Komentar oleh walidghanikhaironi | Maret 12, 2010 | Balas

  8. banyak bukti global warming bohong belaka…

    salam kenal neng

    Komentar oleh kang dede | Mei 24, 2010 | Balas

  9. good articles..

    Komentar oleh homedecor | Agustus 22, 2010 | Balas

  10. good blog..thanks

    Komentar oleh zidiq | Agustus 27, 2010 | Balas

  11. nice post
    jangan lupa kunjungi ini yaaaa

    Komentar oleh sari | Oktober 28, 2010 | Balas

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